Log a new job

This article describes how to log a new job via UK Field Service mobile app.


Log a new job

Log a new job functionality is available on the left side menu.

Left side menu
App left side menu

On the Log new job screen you can enter basic data about the job.

Client dropdown shows all clients registered for the company. When you choose the client from the list, the address field will be populated automatically and the ‘Contact’ dropdown will be populated with the pre-defined contacts for the client.

When you choose the contact, other fields like ‘Contact Name’ and ‘Contact Email’ will be pre-populated automatically as well. You can always add a new client or a contact by choosing the ‘Add new Client’ option from the dropdown list.

Clients dropdown
Clients dropdown

After filling out the client details, you’ll have to enter some information about the job itself.

Similarly to client fields, you can choose the job type and subtype from the pre-defined types list or you can also add a new one.

Then you can set the schedule date, estimated duration and enter the description of the job. After filling out all fields, you can choose to assign a job to yourself or to send it to the open jobs queue for admin review and approval. At the end, you can save your current location as the location of the new job.

Click the button on the bottom to log a job.

Log a new job screen
Log a new job screen
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