Assign a job, Re-assign

This article describes different ways to assign a job.


Assign while creating a job

First way is to assign while creating a new job. To do this, choose an engineer from the dropdown in the first step of job creation and log a job.
It will be assigned to the selected engineer and shown on the assigned jobs table.

Choose the engineer while creating a job

Assign an open job

Second way is to assign an open job. To do this, go to the edit mode of the job - it opens automatically when you click on the job in the table. You will see the similar form to the “Log New Job” form. Choose an engineer from the dropdown in the first step. Go to the next step and press ‘Assign’.

assign Open
Open job details

Re - assign a job

Assigned jobs can be re - assigned to another technician. It can be done in the edit mode of a job. To enter the edit mode on an assigned job click on the job in the job table and then click the ‘Edit’ button. After you have changed to another engineer, you have to go to the next step and click “Save” in the bottom right corner.

Reassign the job
Reassign the job

Assign conflicts

Sometimes it may occur that the engineer has another job already in the schedule at the same time.
In such a case you will see the warning notification after clicking “Assign” and will be asked to decide whether you want to assign a job anyway.
If you choose to assign, the current job will be assigned and the conflicting job will be moved back to open jobs.

conflicted jobs
Conflict notification while assigning a job
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