This article describes the purpose of the Client Portal.


Access to Client portal

The purpose of the Client Portal is to provide an easy way of requesting services to the service company from the clients and give them full insight into their job requests.

Every service company has its own unique client portal link which they could post on their own website or give to their clients if necessary. Clients could either request service on the client portal with or without an account.

To log into the client portal,client users have to be invited by the service company first. They will receive an email with a temporary password and link to the client portal. The invitation can be sent from the admin site - clients list. After receiving the invitation, the client user will have full access to the client portal.

Client Portal login screen
Client Portal login screen

Client jobs

On the client portal clients can see all of their job requests. Jobs are grouped based on their status and listed in separate tables. Clients can view the job details but they can’t edit them. They can also access the job history, attachments, view the work docket and invoice. Clients have also the possibility of cancelling their pending, open and assigned jobs.

Job details on the Client Portal
Job details on the Client Portal
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