Job close out and invoice processing

This section describes a process of closing a job and processing invoices including issuing the invoice and managing payments.


Close the job

When the job is resolved from the app by an engineer, it’s time for the admin to review the details and edit if necessary before closing out the job. (After closing the job, it is not possible to edit job details anymore.)

Work docket is the proof of service that a technician has completed the job. It includes client details, job details such as issue description and resolution, as well as signatures from the technician and customer. It also lists all parts used for the job and shows all working sessions recorded on this job by the technician. A session record consists of technician’s name, working mode (Travel to work / Remote work), travel start time, work start time, work end time and duration. Duration doesn’t include travel time. Travel start time won’t be recorded for remote work mode and it’s not billable.

Work docket can be downloaded as a PDF file and sent to the customer. To generate and download a PDF file click the “Print PDF” button below the work docket. If you want to send the work docket to the client, click the “Send Work Docket” button. PDF with the work docket will be sent to the client’s primary contact.

Work docket
Work docket

Admin can add necessary attachments and update parts/expenses in the edit mode and review checklists in job details. Administrators can also verify engineer locations on the map in job details. This location is based on the last activity of the engineer in the app.

Review job details and engineer location
Review job details and engineer location

If everything is good to close out, close the job by clicking the “Close Job” button in the bottom right corner. Users will be asked for a confirmation for closing and then the job will pass to the Closed Jobs table. Closed jobs are ready to be invoiced. Users can see the invoice template by clicking on the “Invoice” button on the Closed Job Details screen.


The invoice shows two different sets of customer contacts. The customer details and main contact is shown on the upper left corner of the invoice while the billing details are beside that.

By default, the customer's main contact will be the same as the billing contact in case there’s no specific billing contact set up for this client.

For some cases that the customer company has different contact to handle billings, then it is possible to set a different billing contact than the main customer contact. It can be added in Settings > Clients > Financial details section and will be visible on the billing section of the invoice.

Client financial details
Client financial details

Tax rates are pulled from the client settings and you can edit them on the invoice. Invoice status is shown in the bottom right corner of the invoice screen.

Draft Invoice draft that hasn’t been sent to the client yet.
Sent Invoice has been sent to the client.
Overdue Invoice due date has passed.
Partially paid Invoice has been sent to the client and there are partial payments added against the invoice but total payment amount is less than total charge on the invoice.
Paid Invoice has been sent to the client, there are payments added against the invoice and total payment amount is equal or greater than total charge on the invoice.

Send invoice

Invoice will be sent in a pdf format.
You can preview the pdf by clicking on the “Print PDF” button in the bottom of the invoice screen.
In order to send the invoice to the client, click on the “Send Invoice” button on the bottom of the invoice screen.
It will be sent to the client email address which is visible on the invoice in the client details section.
You will get the pop-up notification when the invoice is sent successfully.

Invoice sent successfully

Adding payments, billing history

Clicking on the “Payments” button on the bottom of the invoice screen will take you to the billing history window for you to keep track of all payments for this job.
Each row in the table represents a payment record.
You can edit payment details such as Payment Date, Amount, Payment Type, Ref Number by clicking on the “Edit” button.
On the top right corner you will find the “Add Payment” button.
Clicking on it will take you to the window where you can fill in all payment details.

Add payment
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