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This section describes the process of logging a new job and use of a suggested/optimal engineer feature.


Choose the client and job type

In order to create a new job, go to the left side navigation menu, expand “New Job” and choose the “Log New Job” option. You will see a screen that allows you to set all necessary details such as client, job type, priority, job schedule date, description and engineer. Once you choose the client, “Address” and “Contact” fields become populated with values set in client details.

Choose the client and job type

Choose the schedule date and engineer

Next you can choose the schedule date and time, estimated duration for the job, enter the job description and optionally choose an engineer for the job.
We provide a smart assigning tool to help you to find suggested engineers based on the skill sets needed for the job type and the availability of the engineers.
You have to choose a job type first and then above the map you will see a list of suggested engineers who have required skill sets for this job type.
The suggested list is sorted in ascending order by the closer distance of the engineers from the client site.
The list will further filter on the available engineers when filling in the specific schedule date and time for the job. For non-reactive/flexible jobs, if you want to minimise travel time/costs by assigning the job to an engineer nearby, you can select one of the proposed optimal engineers which are shown under the list of suggested engineers.
The optimal list will show if there’s any engineer who has another job scheduled nearby in the next 3 days.
You will also see the time when the engineer will be available. Therefore, you can easily assign nearby jobs to the engineer by clicking on the engineer name on the list.
It will then populate the engineer name and schedule date on the job details.

To notify the client that the job has been logged toggle the “Notify Client” button, it will then send a notification email to the client contact with job info.

Choose the schedule date and engineer

Add parts and attachments

Click ‘Next step’ to go to the parts and attachments screen.
Parts and attachments are optional, if you don’t want to add anything you can click ‘Log New Job’ right away.
To add a part click on the “Add new record” button.
You will see the pop-up window with “Part Name”, “Part Cost” and “Quantity” to fill in.
Click “Update” to add the part to the job.
You can edit this part by clicking “Edit” next to the part quantity.

Add parts and attachments

Log a job

Once you have filled in all required fields you can click the “Log New Job” button.
Unless you have chosen the engineer that has already scheduled jobs for this time, you will get the success notification and the job will be added to open (if you left the engineer field empty) or assigned jobs table.

logged success
Job logged successfully
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