This article describes two types of dashboards available in the UKFS according to the plan you’ve subscribed to.


Operational dashboard

Operational dashboard is used for visualising data that can help you make strategic decisions. There are six different charts on this dashboard:

Calendar Shows the time remaining before SLA will be breached for client requests and open jobs based on the priorities.
News Feed Shows recent job actions (created, logged, assigned, resolved, closed, sent back).
Map Shows real-time locations of technicians and jobs.
Engineer Utilisation Shows the percent of technicians working today.
Job Status Shows numbers of jobs of different priorities and compares these numbers with numbers from previous login to show updates.
Operational dashboard
Operational dashboard

The entire dashboard refreshes automatically at every 30 seconds interval to give you the most actual information.

Statistical dashboard

Statistical dashboard is not available for Basic users, it’s a Premium and Enterprise feature. This dashboard shows data that have been collected over time, it presents 5 different statistics:

Engineer Hours Shows the number of hours worked by every technician during the last seven days.
Work in Progress Shows number of scheduled jobs that have been completed.
Planned vs Actual Shows the number of today’s jobs that have been closed.
Customer Satisfaction Shows customer satisfaction scores from the post-job surveys.
Total number of jobs over time Shows the number of logged / closed jobs over time.

Statistical dashboard
Statistical dashboard
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