Edit a job, Send back, Cancel

This section includes information about editing job details, fixing prematurely assigned or resolved jobs and managing obsolete/not valid jobs.


Edit a job

Sometimes it may occur that the job has to be rescheduled or you will need to add some attachments or additional expenses. Edit mode is available for Open, Assigned and Resolved jobs.
To access edit mode on open and resolved jobs, go to the job table and simply click on a job. On assigned jobs go to the job details and click “Edit” in the bottom right corner. You will be able to edit the same details as during job creation. When you are done editing job details click “Save” on the bottom right corner.

edit job
Job edit page

Send back

Assigned and Resolved jobs have an option to revert them to a previous status in case that a job wasn’t resolved correctly or still needs a discussion before it gets assigned. To send back a job click on the “Send Job Back As Open” / “Send Job Back As Assigned” on the bottom right corner of the Job Details screen and then you will be asked for a confirmation.


If a job became obsolete or invalid for some reason, you can cancel it. It won’t be present in further workflow and it will become archived in the Cancelled Jobs Table.

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