Job Overview

This section includes articles describing a job flow on the UK Field Service system.


Job definition

A job is a task that a technician will perform as part of the services provided by the company. A basic workflow is shown in the diagram below.

Basic workflow

Job statuses

A job goes through different stages during its “lifetime” and has a different status at each stage:

Pending Request by Client An online request sent from the Client Portal is pending to be responded by admin and to become a job eventually.
Open A job that is not scheduled to any technician yet.
Assigned A job that has been assigned to a technician and is ready to be worked on the scheduled date and time.
Resolved A job that has been completed by a technician on the app.
Closed A job that has been completed by a technician then reviewed and closed by an admin user, closed jobs are ready to be invoiced.
Cancelled A job that for some reason has been considered obsolete or invalid and was cancelled by admin.
Closed jobs can’t be cancelled as the service was completed.

Job tables

Jobs with specific statuses are grouped and listed in the separate tables.
Job tables can be found in the left side navigation menu after expanding the “Jobs” option. Jobs in the table can be sorted by any column - click on the column heading to sort in ascending order, click again to sort in descending order.
Clicking for the third time will restore to a default order.
On the right side of the column heading there is a set of filters that can be applied to this column.
Jobs can be also grouped by a column, just drag a column header and drop it above the table.
Data on the table can be downloaded and exported to Excel files.

Assigned Jobs Table
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