This article answers frequently asked questions about Xero integration.


How to disconnect from Xero?

If you want to disconnect from Xero, go to Settings > Xero Integration page and click “Disconnect from Xero”.

Disconnect from Xero
Disconnect from Xero

Previously transferred contacts and invoices will remain on your UK Field Service and Xero accounts but you won’t be able to transfer any new data until re-connecting to Xero.

When and how does data sync occur?

Data sync is usually done manually by the user, by clicking sync invoices / contacts. Clicking “Connect to Xero” only establishes the connection between both accounts and pulls organisation data from Xero.

There is only one situation when data sync occurs automatically and it is when a user signs up to UK Field Service using Xero. In this case the connection between accounts is established automatically, organisation data and contacts are automatically pulled from Xero.

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