What does Xero integration do?

This article explains how Xero integration works with UKFS


What does Xero integration do?

Xero integration with UK Field Service creates a connection between your UK Field Service and Xero accounts. It simplifies accounting and invoicing processes by sending invoices and client details from UK Field Service to Xero with one click and reduces manual data input by pulling contacts from Xero to UK Field Service.

What this integration gives you:

  • Export invoices from the UK Field Service to Xero.
  • Sync invoice statuses from Xero back to UK Field Service.
  • Sign up to UK Field Service with Xero - create a link between Xero and UK Field Service accounts, pull organisation details and contacts from Xero to your UK Field Service company account.
  • Sign in to UK Field Service with Xero - sign in to your UK Field Service account using Xero authentication.
  • Automatically create new contacts on Xero during invoice export; new contact will be created on Xero based on the client details from the invoice (if it doesn't exist yet).

UKFS - Xero integration dataflow

UKFS-Xero integration data flow
UKFS-Xero integration data flow
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