Today, lots of service companies are learning to create greater efficiencies with lower cost, high level of customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

A Field Service USA 2019 reported that service quality has become centric to business success which has an important impact on revenue and customer satisfaction.

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From the business’s point of view;

Companies can combine Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with Field Service Management (FSM) system to solve some of the problems such as mobile technician scheduling, work order managing, invoicing etc. UK Field Service is a system which has a perfect mobile integration with the most advanced scheduling and despatching solutions such as real-time map, scheduling intelligence calendar and etc. Also, UK Field Service integrates with Xero to simplify your accounting process which allows you to sync all payment details automatically. With ERP and FSM in one system, you can extract your customer information without any permission from other departments. For example, scheduling and despatching process can be optimised, on-site technicians can use UK Field Service app to work offline, everything will be sync automatically when online, while admin users can produce invoices, reporting, planning in UK Field Service admin site.

On the other hand

Customer satisfaction plays a significant role in the field service industry. Improving customer satisfaction is a good way to keep your customers stay with you for long-term cooperation. As we all know, nowadays the business competition is not only about the product itself but also about having a better relationship with your customers. The best way to improve customer satisfaction is to provide customer-oriented service to get a deep understanding of their clients, along with the rapid growth of technology, as customers are not only looking for the best product but the most effective and trusted business partners. So, each of us should position ourselves as a partner in our client’s business and try to make customers feel unique. Another method is to review every detail among each part of your service and think from the customer’s point of view on how to meet their expectations. There are a million methods to make your customers happy. One typical solution in the field service management is to use advanced technology to meet your client’s business’s needs.

From the technology’s point of view;

Great and advanced technology can help you to deploy your solutions and gain more interaction with your clients. Firstly, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the most popular and appropriate technology to connect all the systems and services with an optimised link. For instance, internet-enabled sensors can detect complex faults on the machines when problems happen in a hazardous environment.

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Using robotics technology, field service companies can send devices with drones which on behalf of human can inspect and check problems and then deliver the data and images from the hazardous area back to admins. This way can keep technicians safe in a manner that was not possible before. Besides, IoT can gather data and connect devices with big data analysis to make predictive investigations. By doing so, stakeholders can have an overall view of their customers and equipment.


Combining Augmented Reality (AR) technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another method to make an upgrade of AI-driven business. Nowadays, AI and AR are ubiquitous in every industry. AR can collect data on the go and can be used as working aids to train personnel by connecting new recruits with seasoned service experts. Along with AI technology, for example, people can use object identification camera to read images, identify objects and build AI-driven smart parts, along with AR device to connect to the warehouse and ordering system to place an order automatically.


AI and Machine Learning (ML) can apply to FSM in the field of intelligent routing, remote assistance and performance analysis. To be specific, AI can do complex calculations such as measuring thousands of distances and quick plot to make an optimal route solution. Moreover, by using the ML algorithm, chatbot customer service can learn and test interactions so as to improve itself to gain better customer satisfaction, for example, providing instant appointment, invoicing, billing services, etc.


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