5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity...

As we all know, 5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity, which provides a way of connecting 20 times faster than 4G. This means it provides an increasingly seamless user experience for field workers. For example, the ability to access documents and inquiry from others in a quicker way. To be specific, for video conferencing, the video can be run in lag-free condition if technicians embrace with high-speed internet connections, thus they can fix complicated issues and access resources in an extremely quick way.

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On the other side, 5G has a stronger connection than 4G. It requires less investment to build broadband to wireless base stations. For example, Huawei launched the first 5G base station with its core chip, named TIANGANG chip. It brings revolutionary improvements in active antenna units, which is 50% smaller and 23% lighter than the one used for 4G. In other words, the 5G base station can cover the countrywide network. This is also the main factor to improve and ensure the technician’s safety. Besides, the speed of handling big data increases rapidly in Machine to Machine (M2M) technology and the Internet of Things.

Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)

There are two outstanding achievements that 5G brings to the field service industry. The first one is the Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) which is a natural evolution to existing 4G networks. It provides faster data rates by extending broadband courage to a wider range of coverage areas. And it will increase the capacity to meet the needs of more terminals and better user experience than current mobile broadband services. Those improvements will play a significant role in supporting more efficient data transmission and reducing the cost per bit of data transmission. Thus, when travelling in moving vehicles and working on field sites, 5G can enhance technicians mobility in these places with limited internet coverage.

Massive Internet of Things (MIoT)

The second achievement is the Massive Internet of Things (MIoT) that will leverage the earlier developments in Machine to Machine (M2M) and traditional IoT to promote more adoption across all industries such as asset tracking, smart agriculture, remote monitoring etc. With 5G, the remote knowledge sharing, assistance and real-time insight on equipment and operations can be improved by combining with AR and VR technology.


AI, machine learning and relevant mathematics can be used to manipulate the possible permutations to find an optimal approach optimising field service performance, such as streamlining the scheduling and despatching process. Combining with AI technology, industrial robots will move towards more and more scene applications. In the future, industrial robots will replace human to work in a hazardous and dangerous environment and change the way we work. Combining with AR and VR technology, remote interaction and intelligent control will be used to improve field problem resolving for remote clients. 5G is not a simple network like 3G and 4G networks, nevertheless it can be used to support smart cities, IoT, Internet of Vehicles, telemedicine, AR, VR, autopilot, AI, and accelerate the digital transformation in every industry. It is a new era to enter in a real IoT for the field service industry!

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