Scientists are continuously focusing on producing a machine which can think, learn and deduce the same as human.

Although today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot meet this expectation, it still has advantages over humans in some special areas. The new technology allows the machine to learn from large-scale database and improve by itself. It has the capability of handling harder and more complicated problems.

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Challenging and Rewarding often go hand in hand.

As we all know, AI is hard. It is not only about the thousands of algorithms, but also the enormous amount of technology combinations. In general, challenging and rewarding often go hand in hand, that is certainly the case of how AI has been developed. When thinking of using and developing AI-driven business, you need to take into consideration handling loads of messy data, deficiency of AI talents and user acceptance. In the field service industry, people believe in the actual solutions which can bring in apparent benefits, such as using machine learning algorithm to optimise route planning, train data set to spot patterns in faults and recommend actions on maintenance schedule, developing an automatic chatbot to handling customer service in a quick manner, and etc.


When joining Augmented Reality (AR) technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI), for instance, we can use object identification camera, which has the ability to read and analyse images, features and define maintenance requirements. In other words, this is a way to help technicians to have a deeper understanding and insights into on-site equipment issues in order to improve the performance of service. Another example is to use the AR device to connect to the inventory and despatching system to place the components. If the component is not available in stock, the system will automatically use AI technology to find and check the local merchants with not only the best location but also the best quality. You can set your personal needs to find the most suitable solution for your order.


Will robots take my job?

With the rapid development of AI and automation, some people may worry about if the robots are going to take their jobs. There is no doubt that AI and automation will affect millions of jobs and may eliminate some kinds of repetitive jobs. But as we all know, things always change. For instance, hundreds of years ago, the vast majority of people in the world worked on farms and millions of jobs were delivered by horse-drawn carriage. Along with technology innovation, our works become easier and productive. Thanks for UK Field Service's offline mode and scheduling optimization solution which allow the technicians to work at anywhere anytime. See more features about UK Field Service.

How can professionals/individuals get ready and prepare for the future market?

The head of communications at McKinsey Glenn Leibowitz has pointed out that compared with hard skills, soft skills matter as much or even more when HR hire people. They believe that soft skills are more important to get the way to success. LinkedIn identified five soft skills which are extremely important and top-ranked when companies make hiring. They are creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and time management. Others from the comments mentioned that imagination skills, communication skills, compassion and the ability to sympathies are also the most essential things to work and cannot be easily replaced by AI. So even AI is powerful, but it can’t connect with a human-like a human can. It is an innovative tool which can free up our time and makes things become easier and improve the quality of life.


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