Job Management

Job management plays a vital role in Field Service Management (FSM). With our workflow management tools, technicians can save time and enhance productivity - Technicians can fill in a new request form and automatically send to admins for approval. Technicians can then allocate work orders and schedule the job, meanwhile allowing technicians to view the job status at any time.

technician skills

Technician skill sets for tech suggestion

To enhance the overall job scheduling experience and productivity, UK Field Service's intelligent scheduling algorithm allows admin users to match the most suitable technicians based on job types, time, and location. Our system allows admin users to define the skills sets for each technician, depending on the experience needed for the job type.

Today’s jobs and Job details

Technicians can easily view all their assigned jobs for today with all essential information in a timeline view on the mobile app. By tapping into job, the full detailed information about the job is shown.
In addition, all work sessions including travelling and working time for each job recorded on the mobile app will be automatically logged and synchronised with the admin site.

Job details

Planned Preventative Maintenance module

Planned Preventative Maintenance module

UK Field Service provides a powerful Planned Preventative Maintenance module that lets you manage recurring contracted works easily. Keep an eye on contract details and manage future planned visits, all in one place. Billing your jobs will be so simple thanks to different billing settings and one-click generation of invoices.

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