Offline Access and Auto-sync

Our app provides many functions including GPS tracking, up-to-date calendar, real-time communication, device notification, automatic text and email messaging, customer surveys, amongst other offline features.

Our primary focus is to maximise job management, customer engagement, and schedule optimisation all on one platform.

Offline mode

Offline Mode

Thanks to the UK Field Service - iOS and Android app, technicians can use the app anywhere and anytime while in offline mode. This allows work data to be temporary saved on their devices when working offline. All data can then be synced to admin site automatically once it's back online.

Even without an internet connection our offline app is extremely flexible, providing full capabilities, to ensure maximum productivity.

Auto-sync Experience

The UK Field Service app helps technicians accurately record and maintain each job process. This feature allows technicians to keep records of their tasks, handling reports and forms, and capturing signatures without the use of internet connection. Once technicians connect to the internet, the app will automatically sync to the system.

Auto sync

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