Our routing feature optimises user’s schedules by displaying a real-time map of technicians out in the field. Users can obtain clear insights into the technicians and job locations at all times. Additionally, admin users can implement route optimisation for technicians by utilising our scheduling intelligence feature.

Real-time Map with routing

Real-time Map with routing

This feature enables the admin user to view technician’s real-time location, their progress on the job, and their next job location. Additionally this allows technicians to choose the most efficient route to their jobs and enhance productivity.

Admin users can also view open job locations and assign it to the closest or an available technician.
Technicians can tap on the job to calculate and display the fastest route from their location.
This feature also displays open availability on the technicians maps if they have availability between planned jobs.
This feature enables maximum operational control and management of jobs.

GPS Fleet Tracking 

By enabling GPS location tracking on a smartphone, UK Field Service system will log down the real-time locations of technicians, allowing clear view into the location of your team.

Our mission is to provide accurate and real-time location data for your business, that is simple and easy to use on both our mobile app and admin site.

GPS tracking

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