Scheduling and Despatching

These are the two key elements in field service management. UK Field Service software provides the best solution in optimising the scheduling and despatching process. Start your free trial today!

Advanced calendar with scheduling intelligence

Intelligent scheduling calendar 

The calendar displays different colour coded job labels representing your technicians and the workload of the team. Rescheduling a job couldn't be easier, simply drag and drop the job label on the calendar.

The scheduling intelligence is a particularly special feature. The algorithm recommends the appropriate technicians based on the skill sets, time and location. This makes planning the technicians workload much easier.

Real-time Despatching and Estimates

Once a job has been assigned both clients and technicians will receive an instant notification. The mobile app will show the location, time and details of the job. The app also has GPS tracking and real time communication including text messaging and video chats.

Real-time Despatching and Estimates

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